DIP DAP championship


As a part of Kuldīga Cycling Festival, young cyclists will have the opportunity to participate in the fourth run bike DIP DAP championship organized by “MG Factory” Ltd. It will take place on May 28 at 3.00 p.m. in Town Park.
Registration for run bike DIP DAP championship for children (aged 2-5) will start on April 1 on our website www.velokuldiga.lv/registracija. Don’t forget to tick “I will participate in a run bike DIP DAP championship”.
The run bikes qualifying for the championship will be the ones where the participant sits on a seat and pushes off with both feet. The run bikes where the participant stands with one foot on the footboard and pushes off with another foot will not be allowed in the competition.

The winners will be awarded with toys produced by “MGS Factory”Ltd. “MGS Factory” is a Latvian enterprise producing good quality and attractive design wooden toys DIP DAP. DIP DAP is a run bike for children from age 3. The best quality of this run bike is its simplicity. It is a bike without pedals or training wheels which helps to develop children’s sense of balance and coordination.